We offer a number of different training packages that could help you and your organisation.  If you require specific training that isn’t listed, please feel free to contact us to discuss putting together a bespoke package for you.

The training we currently have on offer are:

Skills for Life

This new one year project will work in partnership with local education partners and organisations within RCT to upskill young people aged 16-25 in schools, colleges, local university and youth groups, amongst others. We will provide bespoke training packages to enhance their understanding of employment rights and responsibilities and financial capability. This will make a positive change to the lives of young people by helping them reduce the barriers in transitioning from education to employment. The 2 hour modules are currently being delivered remotely and are free of charge.

Do you work with young people? Our training is focused on Skills for Life We will cover the following areas: Starting work Contracts of employment Employment rights Benefits Pay Budgeting Money and debt FREE TRAINING Available remotely Suitable for groups aged 16-25 Supports young people's confidence Delivered in two seperate sessions of 1.5-2hrs Contact skillsforlife@carct.org.uk to book your training

Reducing Gambling-Related Harm Training

Half the population regularly gamble.

In the UK there are:

  • 430,000 problem gamblers
  • 2m at-risk gamblers
  • 2.5m-4.3m harmed from someone else’s gambling

To tackle gambling-related harm we need a public-health approach working together to help people at risk. We can help you play a role by training frontline staff to spot the signs of gambling-related harm and help people to get the support they need.

The training can be delivered in a variety of ways. Typically via a 3 hour session. This training is free of charge and is available remotely.

Reducing Gambling-Related Harm Training - What We Will Cover: Understand gambling in the current climate Know what harms gambling can cause Identify who is more at risk and how to spot the signs Work with clients affected by gambling-related harm Know what specialist support is available. Please contact us on 01443 409284 or Caitlin.Tempest@carct.org.uk for further information.




















We are running free virtual training sessions over the next few months, please click the button below for tickets.

Your Rights, Your House, Your Home Training

This project has been designed to combat housing issues in RCT. We aim to take a proactive approach to tackling these issues by providing a group training opportunity for private landlords and an awareness training session for tenants. Our aim is that the presentations will empower homeowners to be better landlords by improving their skills and knowledge of their responsibilities and with better managed and maintained tenancies.

Are you a landlord? We are providing free training sessions focused around:- Universal credit and rent Rent smart wales Support for tenants Are you a private tenant? Want to know more about your rights and responsibilities? We are providing a free group presentation service designed with tenants in mind to address your rights and responsibilities. Please contact Bethan Huish on 01443 409284 for further information

Big Energy Saving Network Training

We offer FREE Big Energy Saving Network training to frontline workers covering a range of topics.

Big Energy Saving Network. What We Will Cover: Reducing Energy Costs Finding the best deal Switching providers and tariffs Switching whilst in debt Grants and benefits Energy efficiency advice Priority Services Register. Please contact us on 01443 409284 or training@carct.org.uk for further information.

Universal Credit Training

With RCT becoming a full Universal Credit service area in November 2018, you need to be sure you are able to advise your clients on any issues relating to UC. Our brand new Universal Credit training can help you gain all the knowledge you need. Our full training on Universal Credit can be taken in one day or you could do a condensed version in half a day.

Poster for the Universal Credit Training. Information on poster is - What we will cover: What is universal credit? Implementation and Claiming, Awards and Appeals, Issues and Rules. Price per 20 delegates is £400 for full day and £200 for half day. Contact information as below.

Debt Training

Aimed at Frontline Advisers, our Debt training provides information about dealing with debts. This session covers the different types of debt, what creditors can do, identifying emergencies, the law on enforcement agents (bailiffs) and debt solutions. The cost of our debt training is available on request and lasts 3 hours (with a break).

Debt training poster. Information on poster is: What we will cover: The different types of debts, What creditors can do, Identifying emergencies, The law on enforcement agents (bailiffs) and Debt solutions

Money Skills

Our Money Skills training provides information about managing personal finances and is aimed at the residents of RCT. We cover subjects including how to compile a budget, understanding bills, use of credit and illegal money lending.

Poster for Money Skills training. Information on poster: What we will cover: How to compile a budget, Understanding bills, Use of credit, Illegal money lending. Contact information as below.

For further information or to request a bespoke package, please call our training team on 01443 409284 or alternatively by emailing training@carct.org.uk.