Here at RCT Citizens Advice, we are lucky to be working with a number of different projects which allow us to run our services.

Project Title: Resilient Families. An image of a family with the project information: Carries out financial appraisals for clients working with the local authority Resilient Families Service.  The project also provides advice on debt and benefit applications through to appeals for this group of clients only. This project allows us to deliver advice across a number of locations and in peoples home.
Project Title: Money Skills. An image of a wallet with the project information: Employs a Money Skills Coach to deliver financial capability training and support to individuals and groups in community outreach venues across RCT.
Project Title: Welfare Rights An image of an envelope with the project information: This service will provide support to individuals receiving social care support. This includes advice and guidance about the benefits system and welfare reform and may include support to determine whether they are receiving the benefits to which they are entitled, claim the benefits to which they are entitled, and appeal against a decision that determines they are unable to receive a benefit to which they are entitled.
Project Title: Utilities and Energy Advice. An image of a smart metre. Project Information: We have several utilities and energy projects which provide holistic support to empower clients to make effective choices in the energy and utility market with the aim of reducing fuel poverty. We work with a number of partners to deliver these services to ensure our clients have warm homes and affordable bills.
Project Title: AdviceLine. An image of a telephone. Project Information: Provides telephone advice and covers all of Wales. Clients can call for advice on any subjects and will be given assisted information and/or be referred to their local office for further help and advice.
Project Title: Money Advice Service Debt Advice Project. An image of Coins with the project information: Provides specialist debt advice and casework to anyone who needs it.  The advice can be via the telephone or face to face.
Project Title: Better Advice, Better Lives (BABL). An image of a stethoscope with the project information: Provides generalist advice in health care settings across Rhondda Cynon Taff.
Project Title: Supported Housing. An image of two SOLD signs. Project Information: One year pilot project to fund a financial support worker to work closely with RCTCBC's Housing Solutions Team and Supporting People funded Support Providers to help identify those in need. The Financial Support Worker will provide short term financial advice to vulnerable people
Project Title: Resolution and Resilience. An image of a calculator. Project Information:  Employment of a Resolution and Resilience Project Officer to provide advice and information to clients who are experiencing fuel debt or poverty. This includes advice in areas such as debt including fuel debt, financial capability, income maximisation, budgeting, Welfare Benefits, Housing and Energy Efficiency.
Project Title: Drop In Services. An image of two chairs. Project Information: Provides open door services 6 days a week across the Mountain Ash and Pontypridd office.
Project Title: Community Focused. An image of 2 people standing either side of an adviser with the project information: The project provides generalist advice at a number community venues in Rhondda Cynon Taff and also provides specialist debt advice.
Project Title: Frontline Advice. An image of two chairs with the project information: The Project provides specialist welfare benefit and debt advice across RCT and Bridgend.
Project Title: Prescribing Advice Tier 1 and 2. An image of a clipboard. Project Information: Provides specialist debt and welfare benefit advice for people receiving support from Primary mental health care teams.
Project Title: Discrimination Training. An image of a person in a wheelchair. Project Information:  Employment of a Resolution and Resilience Project We offer free Discrimination Awareness Training to staff, volunteers and trustees of all types of organisations across Wales. Our training is aimed at those who want to increase their effectiveness of highlighting and challenging discrimination.
Better Skills = Better Chances. Image of volunteers/staff. This new project provides tailored and holistic support to help people in RCT increase their employability in a variety of roles. You will be able to improve your skills in administration, advice giving, customer service, data analysis, ICT, negotiation and influencing and teamwork. TO APPLY PLEASE GO TO: